VFD Startup and Maintenance

VFD Startup and Maintenance

VFD Startup and Maintenance Overview

  • Initial drive startup
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Multiple manufacturers
  • Extended warranties
  • Connected loads
  • Troubleshooting
  • Quick response
  • Engineering related solutions
Our technicians are fast and effective at starting up and maintaining VFDs from a variety of brands. They are a necessary part of efficient motor control, but are sophisticated components that require an experienced technician when testing and tuning.  At Trimax, our technicians are trained in startup and maintenance on a large variety of drive types and manufacturers.  They are consistently in the field working with drives in numerous applications and can apply an understanding of your system process to ensure the drive is properly tuned for your application. This includes an understanding of connected loads such as fans, conveyors and pumps, which is essential when providing long term maintenance that will extend the life of your equipment.

As a drive service company, we have cultivated relationships with major manufacturers to guarantee excellent service and, in some circumstances, extended warranties.  With our specialized training, we are allowed to troubleshoot units and our relationships even extend to receiving extremely expedited repair parts when required.

Our technicians are supported by a full service engineering firm that operates in multiple industries and applications.  This allows us to provide more than just basic drive service.  We can provide a multitude of startup support and maintenance services to our customers, delivering convenience and reduced pricing.  When required, we can make required modifications to control strategies, redline drawings, troubleshoot connected panels and provide other startup and maintenance related engineering solutions as required.

Please let us know how we can assist you in starting up and maintaining VFDs and their related systems for smoother operation and longer drive life.