Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location UL Labeling

Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location UL Labeling

Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location UL Labeling Overview

  • UL certification for hazardous locations
  • Purge systems
  • NEMA 7 enclosures
  • Class and division rating verification
  • Class 1, division 1 and class 2, division 1
  • Innovative layout and fabrication
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • 18 point quality control process
We specialize in UL labeling for explosion proof panels as well as panels located in hazardous locations. Our facility is capable of UL 698 A & B certification. We can also help you specify components and design panels for various hazardous classifications, ensuring safety and functionality.

Generally, UL 698 certification is accomplished with purge systems, NEMA 7 enclosures, and component rating verification. With purge systems, large NEMA 12, 4, and 4X enclosures can be certified for Class 1 & 2 hazardous locations without requiring a compromise in components or size. Purge systems control the atmosphere inside the panel and actuate power only when the environment has been purified. Our engineers are capable of designing purge systems for your hazardous location to ensure proper function in the environment.

NEMA 7 enclosures are often advantageous for small panel applications in areas requiring explosion proofing. These enclosures use cast iron or aluminum construction to create an airtight, explosion proof environment. They are ideal for pushbutton stations, drive enclosures, motor starter panels, and small relay or PLC panels. UL labeling of these enclosures requires special certifications and knowledge. Our engineers are very experienced with this process and can work with your project requirements.

When purge systems or NEMA 7 enclosures are not feasible or cost effective, our engineers can specify substitute components for your control panel that are specifically rated to the Class and Division required for your environment. This provides a much higher level of flexibility and functionality for our customers who require custom solutions for their UL 698 needs.

Our capable staff of engineers is available to discuss your hazardous location solution. Contact us to discuss your project requirements.