Fuel Farm

Fuel Farm

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    Redundant GE 90/70 and 90/30 PLCs Genius I/O

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    Wonderware InTouch

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    PLC & SCADA Programming, UL Panel Shop, System Start-Up & Training, Electrical Engineering , Field Services, Maintenance Contracts

Industry :

Oil & Gas

Client :

George Bush International Airport

Location :

Houston, TX

Fuel Farm Fuel Farm

Project Overview


Trimax was successfully contracted to control the entire fuel farm of hundreds of thousands of gallons of fuel at George Bush International Airport (IAH). The airport is located in Houston, Texas and is currently the 8th largest airport in the United States with ambitions of becoming the largest airport in the country.

An airport as large as IAH experiences a high demand for fuel for all of the planes flying in and out every day.  At IAH, approximately 1.2 million gallons of jet fuel are safely pumped into planes daily. As such, the fuel farm is a critical part of IAH’s success and efficiency. It can never be shut down or go offline and it is built to be fast, robust, and redundant. This amount of usage requires a large tank farm to ensure each plane receives the necessary fuel to keep the airport as a whole on schedule.  IAH utilizes a 10 million gallon tank farm that has the ability to receive up to three pipelines from different suppliers simultaneously. 

Trimax has proudly been implementing control systems for IAH since 1998 and continually provides them with onsite local support to ensure uptime and the optimization of the system.  Should any emergency situation arise with the systems, Trimax also offers IAH offsite remote access support.  As these types of systems became more and more effective and efficient, Trimax was sure to put energy management software for the pump control into place to make sure the system was functioning in the most efficient manner at full capacity.

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