Trimax Systems, Inc. was started in 1983 by 2 electrical engineers who decided to apply their extensive industry experience to designing custom control solutions for a select group of clients and customers whose needs weren’t being met by the current industry. From the beginning, their goal was to provide unique solutions by establishing a relationship with their clients which focused on a deep understanding of the customer’s process and needs. They believed that they needed to be not only experts in controls, but also experts in the industry of their customers. To this day, Trimax strives to honor this commitment to client relationships by providing expert controls engineering guided by a continuing focus on education and experience. Our goal is always to understand your process first, and then provide solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Our loyal customers know and trust our expertise, counting on our unique understanding of their business.

The founders knew from the first that the industry’s lack of true custom programming was an opportunity that would allow them to shine. They applied their training and experience with industry leading software from companies like Rockwell Automation and Wonderware to create custom programs that continually pushed the capabilities of the software. They even spent time with these same software developers, helping the various programs through their infancy and providing valuable developer support. Trimax continues to operate in this way today.

Early on, Trimax realized customers needed turnkey solutions that could only be provided by a full service firm, and so we formed a custom panel shop and began fabricating panels to the specific requirements of our customers. In 1984, Our first wireman worked from the back room of the company’s first office. Now our panel team operates out of an 11,000 square foot building, producing over 500 custom panels and relay racks every year.

In 2008, Trimax moved to a new facility. The facility was custom designed and renovated, and is triple the size of our previous facility. We have retained our roots here in Brea, but greatly expanded our capacity and capabilities. With the new facility, Trimax began a period of growth and expansion, as well as stability and focus. We have applied our own strategies and philosophies inward, allowing us to develop a successful, professional company that retains its flexibility and lean operation through smart management and provides quality solutions, training and support that we can stand behind.

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  • 30 Year

Now, Trimax has 30 years of industry leading experience of systems integration in a variety of fields, and also the rehabilitation and reintegration of existing systems consisting of multiple types and brands of systems and softwares. We have worked with clients on both targeted solutions to specific problems and site wide SCADA integration systems that rely on central information processing from widely scattered remote sites. Trimax does ongoing work designing and upgrading systems to standardized hardware and software best suited to the client’s needs. We have highly qualified engineers and project managers capable of designing and implementing the integration plan necessary to incorporate any number of logistics, communication, and security devices into one centrally located system and train necessary staff to properly operate and maintain that system.

Trimax’s designers, engineers, field techs, instrumentation specialists and UL panel shop are all located in Brea. Our complete staff of nearly 50 employees is in prime location to support your needs. Our facility is equipped with the tools and test equipment necessary to calibrate, test and start-up all of the instrumentation, control, telemetry, and SCADA systems hardware and software your project might require, including remote diagnostic capability. Trimax management uses ERP software, documented process workflows, standardized submittal practices and expertise of our engineering staff to effectively manage projects.

Trimax currently employees engineers experienced in the design and programming of equipment and systems. All of our engineers have wide and overlapping ranges of system integration project experience. Our engineers have been working in the industry for more than 10 years, and some have 20 to 30 years of experience. Our engineers have programmed a wide variety of PLCs and SCADA softwares for easy and extremely complex systems. We have programmed the pumping of liquid nitrogen, mission critical processes, and systems controlling billions of dollars of equipment and systems that lives depend upon. Companies across the United States and all over the world have hired us for our programming abilities and track record of successfully completing projects.

Trimax Systems is a proud member of the international controls engineering community and continually strives as a company to be at the forefront of the development of our field. We seek out new challenges and opportunities to apply our unique brand of customized solutions in an effort to lead our industry into the future.